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Friday, July 19, 2024

Welcome to Learning Quest - The Source for unique, award-winning, educational products designed for the benefit of students, teachers, and parents. Learning Quest produces Mondo Math and Fab Phonics products, which can be used at home or at school. Mondo Math products help students memorize addition math-facts and multiplication tables in a fun, upbeat manner. Fab Phonics products are designed to help emergent readers learn and/or improve reading skills using phonics and other strategies. All products are interactive and incorporate rhythm, humor, and a variety of music.  im

Mondo Math individual songs are now available from iTunes...
Addition Facts
Multiplication Facts
In addition, Fab Phonics songs are available from iTunes...
Level 1
Order the Addition Facts CD from CD Baby
Order the Multiplication Facts CD from CD Baby
Order the Fab Phonics Level 1 CD from CD Baby
Order the Fab Phonics Level 2 CD from CD Baby
Download MP3s from CDBaby
MONDO MATH: Mondo Math; Multiplication
MONDO MATH: Mondo Math; Addition Facts 1-12
FAB PHONICS: Fab Phonics, Level 1
FAB PHONICS: Fab Phonics, Level 2

Our mission at Learning Quest is to create and market innovative and unique educational products of the highest quality. Our goal is to offer a first-class alternative to the discerning parent, student, or teacher in search of learning resources.

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